Driver banned after being nearly six times over the drink drive limit in Aberdeen

Driver banned after being nearly six times over the drink drive limit in Aberdeen

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A man named, Slawomir Sipika, was presented to the Aberdeen Sheriff Court for a hearing of a case, in which this driver was banned after being nearly six times over drink-drive limit in Aberdeen. He was accused of driving on the A90 Dundee very rashly to Aberdeen Road near Portlethen at a few minutes before 3 pm.

This old man was driving erratically risking the lives of others along with himself on the double road, leaning over the steering wheel created a chaos on the road. This incident was witnessed by the other drivers and passers-by. He was swerving across the road and changed the lanes abruptly, confusing the other drivers.

The cops chased him and caught him at Sipika’s home, situated on the Hilltop Lodge in Portlethen, and tested him for the alcohol after a lapse of about 20 minutes. Before declaring him guilty of being drunk or over drunk and driving they performed few confirmatory tests for alcohol.

They smelled his breath first and that turned out to be strongly alcoholic (fruity fragrance). He had a very slurred speech and the gait was also not a straight-line gait. To confirm the amount of alcohol in the blood, they made use of breathalyser and analysed his breath. As a result of this, he had 119 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breathing that is far more than the legal limit, which is 22. Thus, he was found guilty and the matter was further taken to the Court.

In the proceeding of the court, every clue and a proof were against him and the witnesses added further strength to it. They saw him twisting on the dual carriageway, slumping over the steering wheel as he was unaware of the fact of endangering his and other’s lives.

The defence lawyer, Liam McAllister claimed that his client was inclined on the wheel to see the view of the place he had to stop the car. He further added that another reason for stopping over the wheel was, the old man got astonished to see the sudden high speed on the meter. The lawyer put the fact that Sikipia had a BBQ party at his place and he rushed to come back early and violated the traffic rules by over-speeding. The lawyer told that his client had already drunk a glass of Vodka and two beers when the police reached and took his breath for measuring alcohol.

Sherriff Ian Wallace was not much convinced by the arguments and claims of Sipikia’s drink driving lawyers‌. He said that he understood the circumstances he was in, but the way he drove and broke the laws is unacceptable and could result in some catastrophic condition.

Keeping into view the importance of traffic rules, in the light of all the pieces of evidence and other supporting facts against the accused, he disqualified the driver and banned him for 2 years from driving. He also fined him with an amount of £1500. This decision reflects that people should abide by the laws and the safety of lives is the foremost thing and this driver was banned after being nearly six times over drink-drive limit.